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Why Bitcoin Now? Bitcoin, Gold, Goldman, Inflation and the new Balance Sheet!


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IA News: Bitcoin, Gold, Goldman, Inflation and the new Balance Sheet!

0:00 Introduction - Math Money and Freedom
0:30 Bitcoin Price Action last 11 Years 2 Outcomes History Based! 0.24 Factor of 1325% = 318% x $30K = $95,400 Or Factor of 1325% x $30K = $397,500
2011: 1,473%
2012: 186%
2013: 5,507%
2014: -56%
2015: 33%
2016: 125%
2017: 1,325%
2018: 72%
2019: 88%
2020: 302%
2021: 100% so far…..
3:00 Goldman Sachs, May 2020 10 Months Ago “Cryptocurrencies including bitcoin are not even an asset class.” - BTC at $4K - “Bitcoin Is Not An Asset” 1,400% Later… Today BTC at $59K ok time to jump in!
3:22 Still Not Bitcoin Convinced - You will be in 10 minutes!
4:00 Inflation Eats FIAT You need assets that grow faster than the inflation rate to survive But if you have Debts in FIAT it can be a good thing…. Why Inflation Is Punitive
5:00 Countries Ravaged by Inflation Venezuela - ongoing 6500% Zimbabwe: March 2007 to Mid November 2008 + ongoing 622% Sudan - 141.6% Lebanon - ongoing 85% Argentina - ongoing 49% Iran - 31% And so much more
6:00 Step Back: Quantity Theory of Money M x V = P x Y Money Supply Velocity ie Number of Transactions Prices GDP or size of Economy Therefore as Money supply ⇧ - Price ⇧ QED! (M x V)/V = (P x Y)/V M = P
8:00 US Lumber Inflation 294.76% in 1 year This drives up price of housing and so much more
8:41 Lumber Inflation & Termites Imagine you are a termite on a fixed income Your food ration based on your fixed income means you can now only EAT a 1/3rd
10:00 Transportation Inflation
10:30 Everyday inflation examples
Steel +145%
Oil +80%
Soybeans +71%
Corn +69%
Copper +68%
Cotton +35%
Coffee +34%
Wheat +25%
FAO Food Index +25%
Bitcoin +1400%
Home Values + 12%
Money Supply Up +40%
Other Inflation Last 12 months
11:00 1% inflation reported by Government.
12:00 Negative Interest Rates If negative - people will spend more and fuel for hyperinflation Who wants a CBDC to control all you do?
13:00 The Perfect Hedge
13:30 Gold as an Inflation Hedge? Gold True Adjusted Value has gone from$1668 in 2012 to $1102 and $930 resp
15:38 The Perfect Hedge - Bitcoin Bitcoin is the perfect inflation hedge due to limited supply
also a hedge for:
unstable governments
police states
broken payment rails
cyber threats
paranoid leaders
17:54 The New Balance Sheet What is $1M worth in 10 Years in Today's Purchasing Power is the value of a currency expressed in terms of goods or services that money can buy. Inflation decreases Purchasing Power ie the number of goods or services you would be able to purchase.
19:00 All Roads Lead To... BTC
19:40 Conclusions
Based on Numbers 2021 is shaping up to be a great year
Goldman Sachs - means we can all front-run Wall St
More Money = More Inflation
Inflation is punitive and not understood
7% is my min for the next 10 years - 15% possible
Gold as a hedge failed over the last 10 years
We need a new Hedge
We need a new Balance Sheet
Inflation can be a positive….. Eg MTG
20:40 Want more? (you know what to do!)

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